Sunday, May 2, 2010


My parents weren't murdered in a dark alley. I didn't crash to earth as an infant. I have no magic rings, mutant powers, or trick arrows. I have never been exposed to gamma rays or radioactive arachnids. My life has been pretty normal, to say the least. However, not having superpowers means I do have a lot of spare time to read about people who do.

I read some Spiderman in high school, mostly the older stuff, as well as a little Batman and the occasional graphic novel I'd find in borders. However, when I got to college, a friend of mine introduced me to Green Lantern, and that coupled with the internet and a fantastic comic book store a block from campus meant I was instantly inundated with a new supply of reading material. I've read a lot this year, not only comics but books about comics and what they mean.

Of course everyone has written about Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. They've been around the longest, and are the most archetypal. What about The other heroes? Does the Flash represent the changing pace of modern society? Do the deaths of superheroes mean the loss of innocence or idealism? Does the emergence of new heroes like Kyle Rayner or Deadpool show a new idea of what it means to be a hero?

These are the kind of questions I plan on writing about. I can guarantee that my answers won't be that great, or probably even that well written. But, if I've learned anything from comics, it's worth a try. If anyone does happen to read this, let me know what you think.


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