Monday, October 8, 2012

Capes and Politics: Who Would Superman Vote For?

            Consider: Superman is the guardian of truth, justice, and the American way. He makes apple pie look like a traitor. However, while Superman represents everything good about the Red, White, and Blue, few writers have ever shown Superman’s politics. It’s easy to see Superman as a conservative, with his whole big blue Boy Scout thing. He’s a farm boy from small-town Kansas, which should put him in Republican demographics. However, he doesn’t say a lot with words, but can his actions help us determine his politics?

Many Superman stories end with him deciding that he can’t make choices for humanity. Red Son features a communist Superman who controls the entire world, except for a Lex Luthor run USA. Superman clearly believes in letting people make their own decisions and is not for big government.

            Now while one could use that to argue for a rather libertarian Man of Steel, keep in mind he also is constantly swooping in and saving people. Lets not forget that Lex Luthor is the ultra-wealthy CEO of a multinational conglomerate. Any fans of Ayn Rand are not fans of Supes, who repeatedly stops LexCorp from operating beyond the law.

            Don’t forget Superman’s strong anti-gun position. He does not tolerate gun violence, and is strongly against killing and the death penalty. Also, as an immigrant himself, he probably would have some strong things to say about it. Put some points in the progressive column.

            Lastly, lets look at foreign policy. Superman is strongly anti-war, an interventionist humanitarian, and a supporter of the UN. He even went so far as to renounce his American citizenship to announce his position as a citizen of the world that does not represent US Policy.

            So, like the political ideologies of Superheroes, this doesn’t matter in the slightest because Superman can’t even vote. I don't care to know if Superman even would vote, or any caped crusader for that matter. Superheroes are uniquely progressive, self-sacrificing, and incredibly apolitical. That doesn’t sound like politics to me. 

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