Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Contract with God

To say the term "Jewish Comic Author" is often fairly redundant. Most of the earliest comics creators are incredibly Jewish, but the most Jewish of all is Will Eisner.

I just finished his "A Contract with God", which is a collection of 4 short stories centered around life in the Bronx tenement of Dropsie Avenue. It is wonderful. The characters are lively yet heartbreaking. Each story is brilliantly written and illustrated in Eisner's signature style. I can't help but think of Walt Disney work whenever I see it.

His writing just feels very Jewish. I love it, to say the least. The idea of "A contract with God" is so incredibly Hebraic I can't even begin to gush about it. He knows what he is doing. He is a man who knows how to tell a story and then to draw it perfectly.

This is literally a graphic novel, which is what makes it so revolutionary. This man, Will Eisner... Oy, what a mensch.

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